Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Contests you don't want to miss, and a VOW

First, two fabulous book-winning contests you guys should check out!!

Suzie Townsend is giving away a copy of Kelly Gay's debut, A BETTER PART OF DARKNESS. The UF fan in me *wants* this book. I bet you want it too. Go enter!

Second, Victoria Schwab is hosting an innovative contest. Go watch her vlog, check out her bookshelves, and pick which book you'd like to have! If you win, she'll send it to you. Any book, people! ENTER!

(I totally typed that "entere", which I think should be a word.)

And the vow?

I PLEDGE to finish the first draft of this book, SALVAGED, by December 31. There, it's public now.



Victoria Schwab said...

Thanks for passing on the word, Susan!! :)


Girl with One Eye said...

You can do it! Go for it. And thanks for the contest updates, I'll ck them out.

Paul said...

Good luck getting your first draft done. I like your title!

Kelly Gay said...

Thanks for the mention, Susan! And, OMG, Suzie's new blog is *gorgeous*.

Susan Adrian said...

*squirms at how far behind I am on answering these* Sorry, folks!

V: But of course, dahlink.

Girl: Since we *know* you're lucky at contests, hope you did!

Paul: Thanks! I love it when a title has multiple meanings...

Kelly: I still want to know if I won!