Monday, November 09, 2009


You've heard me rave about DANI NOIR.

You've heard Courtney Summers rave about DANI NOIR. (and here, with fabulous interview!)

It's a 2009 Editor's Pick: Top 10 Children's Books for Middle Grade.

You want to get in on this action, don't you? Well, tomorrow you'll get a chance!!

Stay Tuned, My Pretties. Tomorrow I'll be posting my interview with Nova Ren Suma--and we're going to give away TWO fabulous prizes. A signed copy of DANI NOIR, and a DVD of:

You know you want both of those, right?


pseudosu said...

Can't wait to check out Dani Noir. Nova seems so cool and genuine. I loved Gilda when I discovered it when I was in my twenties (no, it wasn't a new release)-- I love the scene where she's singing in the awesome dress.

Aimee said...

squee! I have this in my reviewing pile - can't wait to see if its as good as everyone says it is!


Dee said...

Yes, I want it!

Sharon Mayhew said...

Great interview! I'm hooked. I cant wait to get my hands on a copy of Dani Noir.

I love the coat hanger scene in Mommy Dearest. It's so horrible and strange...I love my metal coat hangers...the plastic ones let the shirts fall off easily...Was that Rita Hayward?