Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, it's Monday after a 4-day weekend, as you ALL KNOW. And I, like you, have many reasons to WHEW.

--Thanksgiving went beautifully! Turkey and lingonberry sauce (I prefer it to cranberry), green beans and mashed potatoes and stuffing. Most important, a tableful of people I love.

--We were very busy this weekend. Over three days, we bowled, played tennis, boxed, ski-jumped, downhill skiied, figure skated, luged, bobsledded, and played a few games of skee ball, darts, and hoop shoots. We even did a little Disney Princess journey-ing.

Yes, we bought a Wii. :) OMG, the fun! It is crazy. We played with my parents' Wii on Thanksgiving Day, and went right out and bought our own on Friday. Played with the thing ALL Weekend. Laughed ourselves silly.

I am very sore in odd places, but it is good.

--Last but not least, I made my 40k on SALVAGED today! I am going to finish the first draft by December 31. It will be a complete and utter mess, but I will FIX IT, yes I will.*

*Please ignore any moanings and mutterings in January and February while I'm wedged in the second draft. Right now I do not want to think about that, but I'm sure there will be some!



Amethyst Greye Alexander said...

I won't fuss at you for fussing if you won't fuss at me for fussing. Deal?


nova said...

Susan, congrats on 40K! We're both in the race to finish our first drafts this month (though I'll tell you now I know I won't make Dec. 31. I wish I could but... I think I'll be right up to the edge of Jan. 4.)

Yay for you! Exciting!

p.s. I want a Wii. But I know I shouldn't get one till I finish this draft... motivation maybe?

Sharon Mayhew said...

WTG on your first draft. It sounds like you had a great holiday too. :)

pseudosu said...

Good for you on the draft! Have you played the jungle river bubble game? That one's really hard for me... evil!

Susan Adrian said...

Amethyst: Deal!

Nova: You're not on Twitter now, so you didn't see Annika's comment on my moaning about my first draft being a mess: "If your first draft wasn't a complete mess, you'd be novaren." HEE. So your draft is probably a lot different from mine!

Sharon: Thanks! Keeping on. I'll get there!

Sue: NOT YET. I'm sure it will be played in time!

courtney said...

I am jealous of both your 40k (but happy for you too, of course!! CONGRATULATIONS, bb!!! Your progress is rockin') AND your Wii (omg want want want)!

Ara Burklund said...

Congratulations, Susan! 40K is such a milestone! I can't remember~are you going to the writers' intensive on the Friday before the conference? If so, are you going to read its opening? Looking forward to hearing more good news about your progress. : )

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