Thursday, May 04, 2006


I had one of those Mommy moments this morning. We all went to the dentist together (the family that scrapes together...) on the dentist's advice, so that Child could get used to seeing us get our teeth cleaned and thus be comfortable with it herself. And she was fabulous. While I got my teeth done she sat in the guest chair and colored and cut with scissors, chatting with the dental assistant about Pooh and Tigger and favorite colors. Then it was her turn, and she sat up in the chair with the little bib on, patiently opening her mouth and letting them count her teeth, poke and clean.

And I looked at her sitting there, with her jumper dress and purple tights she'd picked out herself and put on, with her little ponytail, with her feet idly rolling back and forth as the dentist cleaned. And I thought, My God. How did I get such a beautiful, intelligent child? And so big! How did I get so lucky as this?

And I loved her, with more of my heart than I ever knew I had. And I nodded and smiled, and told her how good she was, thinking "This. This moment of knowing love. This is worth everything."

Medieval Word of the Day: forferly: to astonish greatly.


Anonymous said...

Dear Susan:
Takes your breath away, doesn't it? Of course, my moment certainly didn't happen at the dentist's office. That was not a Hallmark Moment. (shudder) Took the poor woman twenty minutes to convince him to open his mouth. I think it was because he'd been to the doctor for a stitch in his noggin the week before, and it all seemed the same to him...
Anyway, I'm glad it went better with Sophie, and I applaud whoever came up with the family visit idea!
~ Cindy

Susan Adrian said...


Yep, the family visit thingie is cool. She went away from the visit happily waving her new giraffe toothbrush, and breathing bubblegum-smelling tooth cleaner smell at everyone in range. {g}

Interestingly, the dental assistant was chatting with me earlier about her sister the childless who got to go to Europe all the time--but how she wouldn't trade lives ever, not a minute. Me either!


Anonymous said...


Don't you just love that? I get those moments too -- usually when they don't realize I'm watching. Like at gymnastics or at the park or at school when they're being particularly kind to someone. Very cool.

Ah -- and we sometimes do the family dentist thing. [g]


Susan Adrian said...


It is usually when they don't know you're watching, huh? Because if they know you're watching, they do something funky. {g}