Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When you can't write

Well, yesterday ended up being extremely sucky--but I kept my whining to my girlfriend group, and they propped me up again. (yes, they rock!) So all is at least back to a normal level today.

But with vacation, post-vacation, intense everyday play rehearsals, work, picking up parents at the airport, etc., I haven't been able to write anything since...geez, since Wednesday last. A full blooming week. I will squeeze some in today because I'm getting itchy. Plus I have a secret fear that if I stop for any longer than that, some dread thing will happen--I will lose momentum, or drive, or discipline--and I won't be able to pick up easily again. Or maybe the characters will get pissed off and desert me. Or I will somehow forget all that I have learned. {shrug} I think a week is about my limit.

So we all know that Life intervenes sometimes, despite our very best intentions. What do YOU do when you can't write due to circumstance? Do you feel lonely without the characters, as I do? Do you feel restless? Do you feel at odds, like there's something missing? How do you handle the itchy feeling?

And do you have the secret fear too? I bet most writers do, but I'm just guessing here.

Medieval Word of the Day: gegge: A term, apparently contemptuous, applied both to man and woman.


Granny Grimes said...


Well, my secret fear used to be that, after putting in so many years on my book, I would kick off before I finished it. The possibility of that sounded so pathetic to me, it actually spurred me to finish.

Hmm... I guess I can now transfer the fear to "not getting published before I die," and see where that takes me. {g}


Susan Adrian said...


Yes! Transfer the fear! (use whatever it takes, baby...)