Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A stuffed head...and not like Samson

I think I'm getting a cold.

You know that very, very early bit of a cold, when your head feels like it's stuffed with cotton, when you keep trying to pop your ears, and your throat glands are swollen? You don't have a cold YET, but you know it's coming, and there's nothing you can do about it. {sigh} Well, Child has had a cold for nigh on a week, so I can't say I'm surprised.

Maybe I'll write a scene someday where the character has a cold. I'll save that for contemporary, though, not historical. Everyone knows that in historicals characters only get fevers or life-threatening mysterious illnesses. (kidding!)

Anyway, due to aforesaid stuffiness I'm feeling kinda blah and wishing I could take a nap--at 9 AM. I'll just keep sipping this Odwalla Strawberry C-Monster and hope for the best...

Medieval Word of the Day: chilindre (or chylindre, chylindere): A kind of portable sun-dial of cylindrical form used in early times. (Like an early watch?)


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. Hope it's over quickly. Do you drink ginger & honey tea when you're sick? I got hooked on that the last time I got a cold, when I was expecting Kori and couldn't take anything else. Now I drink it when I'm feeling tired and sorry for myself, too. :o) We have to take our comfort where we can, but I am planning to have a glass of wine soon, maybe this weekend. Mmmm.
Anyway, back to laundry and defrosting the freezer while the girl-child is sleeping. And I've been trying to write in between, too. It isn't going well today, I think I'll switch to a different WIP. Sigh.
Take care of yourself!

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Cindy! Now feeling cold and hot at the same time. Great. {sigh}

Hope you got some good work in! Now defrosting the freezer just sounds like procrastination of writing...


Anonymous said...

"defrosting the freezer just sounds like procrastination of writing..."

Actually, it hasn't been done since we bought the house - six years ago. There's a little perpetual puddle in one spot in front of the fridge, and it's been there for about four months now. I just got tired of getting my sock wet, all of a sudden...

Have got some good work done, though. Switching WIPS worked!


Julie said...


Hope you get to feeling better soon - there's nothing worse than a spring cold, when it's nice out and you want to be out, but you're home sick instead.

Man, you lists from yesterday is making me re-think my story in my head! Hope I can manage to keep the tension going in my WIP!!


Vicki Pettersson said...

Try airborne! Hurry!

V (who just did the cold thing)

Susan Adrian said...


I'm glad the tension post was useful, at least in working the ol' brain. That's why I like to write posts like that occasionally; they make me think.

The cold is chugging on. {sigh}


Susan Adrian said...


Too late!