Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Good morning, all!

I am cheery, though the sun hasn't popped out yet today, so it's still 32. I know it WILL come out, and then we'll be sunny and happy and mid-50s again. I'm wearing a tank top in anticipation.

Other reasons to be optimistic:

--Child is being SO good lately, she's a delight to be around. Woo-hooooo.
--I accepted a very small part in a local kids' theatre production of "Sarah, Plain and Tall", just to get my toe back into acting. It should be fun, and rehearsals start tonight.
--We're going on a 5-day vacation to San Diego in...checking calendar...3 weeks. Sun and beach, aquarium and Mexican food. Aaaaahhhh.
--We bought a new tree for our yard (a whitespire birch) and are about to buy another one (spring snow crabapple). We've been meaning to do this for years.
--Last but not at all least, the writing is going well. I added more to the Isabel scene yesterday, and hope to finish it up today and then get on to revising again.

In the words of my 4-year-old daughter this morning, "Do you know what people are saying now, when something's really good? You can say it's 'the cat's meow.' Or A#1, it means the same thing."

It's the cat's meow.

Medieval Word of the Day: gleg (N and Scot again; I seem to gravitate toward these. Hmm, because TMT takes place in the north, perhaps?): Quick in perception by any of the senses; esp. quick-eyed, sharp-sighted. Chiefly with defining phrase, as gleg of the eye, of touch.


Julie K said...

Your trip sounds great - are you going to visit some family and friends?

And you lucky creature on the Mexican food - we've got_nowhere_ to go in Manitoba for good Mexican. Thai, though, we've got (g). Seems strange, no?

And congrats on all the good writing progess of late! I'm hoping to get to some writing soon...but likely not until next week now. I'd like to get another chapter out of the way by Brantford Book Camp, though - and that's good motivation!

Susan Adrian said...


We'll probably visit some friends; there's no family there. (which can be a good thing sometimes :P)

The Mexican food is a main reason for going. And the Thai food. And, oddly enough, the German food. We have a favorite German restaurant there that we love.

Other than that, to the beach! To the aquarium! To the science museum!

Thanks on the writing. I'm quite pleased. I'd love to see yours too!