Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Dread Pirate Synopsis

I was too busy yesterday to post here--which I hate, but sometimes it happens. Part of the busy-ness was secret spy stuff that I cannot yet reveal. I'll let y'all know how it develops though, if I can!

For the time being I am working rather loosely on my synopses while my readers are doing their thing.

Diana Gabaldon always says she doesn't understand why synopses are so hard for people--"just pretend you're telling the story to a friend." {sigh} It is harder than that. For me it's two things: the POV (third person present) is foreign, and the telling-not-showing is awkward. I keep wanting to put bits of the novel in there as examples, and running over space. Result: I have an awkward, kinda icky 4-page synopsis that does indeed tell the whole plot.

My task now is to write several synopses, in this order (thank you Dee-Ann for the strategy):

1-sentence synopsis
1-paragraph synopsis
1-page synopsis (which most of the agents seem to want)
2-page synopsis (a few want this)
4- to 5-page synopsis, for the rest

The hope here is that by the time I get to the 2-page synopsis I'll feel insanely free after trying to work in 1 paragraph and 1 page. We shall see.

Some of you may expect to be testers. :)

Medieval Word of the Day: keek (Scots and North): To peep; to look privily, as through a narrow aperture, or round a corner; to glance, gaze.

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