Monday, June 05, 2006

The Play and the Book

Whew. That was a long and busy weekend, what with the play performances and all. "Sarah, Plain and Tall" is wrapped now, and I'm glad--though I'm also very glad I did it. It was great fun for me, it stretched my long-disused acting muscles, and I think it was a good example for Child. She wrote a "play" this weekend that we're all supposed to practice tonight, and "open" tomorrow. Woo-hoo.

Anyhow, I am now back in the office, eating radishes (don't ask) and trying to catch up.

So I didn't get a chance to post this on the blog, but I actually did finish my page-by-page, line-by-line revision last week. SWEET! The next step is to go over the Beauchief Abbey scenes, compare them to the info my new archaeologist contact gave me, and then contact him again where I need more detail. I'm hoping to actually get photos or a supposed layout. Then I just have to read it one more time {sigh} to make sure it hangs together and then send it to my volunteer readers. THEN I can send the bloody thing out again.

I am so, so sick of it at this point. Argh. I want it to be done and to go away and have other people deal with it. I was at first a bit worried about this feeling, but my writer friends tell me it's a normal and healthy sign. Thank goodness it doesn't mean that it just sucks. :)

Medieval Word of the Day: lite (verb): intr. To expect, wait, delay.

(Huh. That one's changed a bit since, hasn't it?)


Julie said...

One good comment deserves another....

Had a blast in Sarah with you.... hope your other "opening night" goes well!

Megs :D

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Julie! Good to see you over here!