Monday, June 26, 2006

Montana's best side

When I demanded a subject for today's blog (hey, sometimes I just come up blank on Mondays), Kreekie said "how about summer in Montana?"

Summer in Montana. Ahhhhh.

Summer in Montana is:

--our payment for living through months of snow and below-zero temperatures.

--green, green, green. Flowers are blooming everywhere. We have fields of wildflowers up in the mountains that look like this:

--filled with delicious smells. It was in summer that we first realized that "mountain-fresh scent" is a REAL smell, and not made up.

--the perfect temperature. High of 82 today, with a light breeze. Tons of sun.

--adventurous. Because we have such a short good-weather period, everyone runs out and does things every weekend. Day trips to waterslides, camping in the forest, barbecues by the river, fishing, you name it.

--in my town, firework season. Firework stands open 10 days before the 4th and stay open for a week after. During that period nearly everyone in town buys fireworks; many set them off EVERY NIGHT. These aren't your garden-variety sparklers, either. Here you can buy professional-style rockets, bursts, everything, for your home. The 3rd of July (our fireworks night) is an amazing experience.

--a little harder to write in than winter. See "adventurous" above and "the perfect temperature". There is definitely a pull to go for a walk during lunch instead of sitting at my desk with the door closed, looking out only my tiny little window. I'll admit I've been going out maybe one more day a week than usual. But then as I'm "between books" while I do the synopses and queries, I'm cutting myself a little slack too...

What is summer like in your part of the world?

Medieval Word of the Day: lainer: A lace, strap, thong, lash.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Suze, I'll comment. . .Summer in Seattle right now is just too dang hot! It's 72 at only 9:30 in the morning. It's supposed to get to 92 or 95. Anything over 80 is when Seattelites start melting. Folks from _really_ hot place laugh at us. GO ahead and laugh. I bet you have AC. We don't. Unless it's in your car, work, or if your Bill Gates, you don't have it. The reason is you normally don't need it. The last time it was 90+ was two years ago. NORMAL Seattle summer weather is cloudy in the morning (we prefer to call it a "marine layer"), burning off to sunshine in the afternoon. High of maybe 76. Until that returns, I'm going to work, or move in with Bill Gates. . .


Susan Adrian said...

Kreek! Squeeeeee!

That is way too hot. 95 is hot by anybody's standards (except, um, maybe Vicki's {g}). And we're with you on the AC--very, very few people in Montana have it, or would ever need it for more than 2 days a year.

A day when work is a good choice!

Anonymous said...

Dear Suze:
I'll play. Summer in Nova Scotia may be as fleeting as a sparkle on the water, but it's every bit as bright, and fills the eye long after it's gone. It's green here, too, such a rich, full color after the long grey months. The lawn has dandelions and buttercups and the grassy verges are rioting with lupins, daisies and clover. We rush to cram in all the fun we can, though the ocean is frigid unless you go to the Northumberland straight (which we do...home of the Hector, Pictou...)
Temperatures range from 80 to 95 most days, but the salt breeze off the ocean is heaven.

Susan Adrian said...


Ah, that sounds lovely. I do think summer is much more vivid and precious up here in the north, where it is more appreciated. Summer in San Diego is...just like every other season, but with more tourists. {s}


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

I just learned that my son will be going to San Diego for 9 weeks. He will be at Camp Pendleton. Do you know where that is and do you have any tips for things he can do on his off time?


JK said...


Manitoba and Montana summers seem to be pretty much the same (although we don't have the mountain-fresh smell [g]). It's so nice to run out for five minutes without putting on layers and layers of clothes and boots and jackets, and I get to use my little sunroom overlooking the river!

The other difference - most people have air-conditioning, as it gets unreasonably hot and humid at the drop of a hat. We've got a window air conditioner and a floor model on loan from friends, so we may survive [g].


Susan Adrian said...


You bet I know where Camp Pendleton is! You have to drive past it to get from San Diego to L.A.--it's a ways north of SD.

As to free time, head to La Jolla to see the seals, or kayak in the caves. Go surfing or boating on the ocean. Go see a Padres game in the new stadium (a must!). Make a trip to the zoo, if he's interested. There are any number of things to do in the San Diego area!


Susan Adrian said...


Want to lend us just a little humidity? You can keep the heat, though...

JK said...

Take all the humidity you want - I've got enough [g]. I'm from southwestern Manitoba originally, and it just doesn't get this humid there. But we've got two rivers and a giant lake just to the north here in Winnipeg, keeping us in plenty of the wet air!