Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh, dear.

In our house we have a strong rule against Child turning around and sitting sideways or backwards in her chair at creates grubby chairs, not to mention distraction from food.

However, Child is a slow eater like most preschoolers, and there are many times when I go and clean up the kitchen (behind her) while she's still finishing up. She has trouble "remembering" this rule.

Last night I had to tell her (again) to turn around and finish up. "You know the rule," I said in my best Mommy-voice.

"But Mommy," she responded, without a beat. "I just had to turn and look at you. You look so nice in that shirt." {blink, blink}

OMG, I am SO in trouble. She's 4. If she already knows how to distract with compliments....

Medieval Word of the Day: forstraught: Distracted.


Anonymous said...

LOL! You're done for.

Still waiting for that picture and update...Can't see her in your avatar on the Forum anymore - come to think of it, you're not there so much any more. Busy, I know.
My fingers are crossed for you, btw. Saw that TMT has been Sent. Good Luck!!

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Cindy!

Yes, I owe you and Jennifer emails, and have for quite some time now. {guilty sigh} Sorry. It's not because I don't think about you.

One of these days when things settle down...

And thanks for the luck!

Sara Walker Howe said...

Oh, wow. Makes you wonder where they learn this stuff, eh? And if they're learning this, what else are they learning?

She's a cutie. And yes, you're in trouble. *g*

Susan Adrian said...


I don't know if she learned it from us or if she was born with it. I'm guessing the latter. {g}