Friday, June 02, 2006

Fly by

Opening night went perfectly, yay us!

I'm afraid this is just an info post-and-run. I am at home today with Child, as she is off school. We just got back from her school program and potluck...picture 30 small children singing in Italian and Spanish and dancing with big sombreros on. It rocked.

Anyway, now she's taking a nap and I am seriously torn between doing the household chores that desperately need doing and taking a nap. Or having coffee. Hmmm. Laundry, kitchen, nap? Nap and then coffee? Laundry and then nap and then coffee?

You see my dilemma. And tomorrow is the weekend, so there won't be much until Monday. So have a lovely 3 days or so, and I will return, hopefully with something more pithy than laundry and naps.

Medieval Word of the Day: scurn: to shrink, flinch; take fright.


Anonymous said...

Dear Susan:
The naptime dilemma, I have that. Usually I try to write, unless I'm getting a stress-induced rash from the mess...but then sometimes I need to eat. Like now...
Cindy (D)

Susan Adrian said...


Yes, I usually write too, but that wasn't even an option. I chose nap AND coffee AND laundry.