Monday, July 31, 2006

Back to the Grind

Thank you all for participating in Discussion Week. That was fabulous! I love to see some more of the people who are "out there", and get to hear your views. I think I'll do that again sometime soon.

But for now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. Not much even today--I'm only at work for 3 hours and then I have the kiddo for the rest of the day today, and all day tomorrow. I'll try to pop in tomorrow with something interesting if I can.

My guilty secret: I spent several hours this weekend reading The Half-Blood Prince (yep, Harry Potter) when I could've been writing. I'd been deep in writing TMT when it was released, and have put it off reading it since then because I knew it would suck me in. When I saw it on the library shelf on Saturday I just...couldn't...resist. I am really impressed with J.K. Rowling; in my opinion her quality level has kept up, unlike many series authors. She has sustained and even improved. She has succeeded in creating a vivid alternate world that is so very easy to fall into.

Anyway, I will not succumb this afternoon. Because I'll be home I should have a good hour and a half or two hours during naptime, and I am going to work on Book 2 today. On the drive home from swimming last night I glazed over completely, drifted off into Book 2-land mentally (good thing I wasn't driving, huh?) and realized that the second scene had the completely wrong tone. I had started off with suspense and then switched right into comedy/sibling rivalry. It's okay to have some of that, but to keep the tension I really need to keep things more Serious that early. So I'm looking forward to tackling that scene, reworking it, and starting in on the next today.

Must get to work now!

Medieval Word of the Day (and didn't you miss it? {g}): foretoken: A premonitory token; a prognostic.


Sara Walker Howe said...

I've noticed some writers don't read while they are working on a book. I can see the value in it, but I can't do it. I have to read a little bit before bed every day. I'm a slow enough reader as it is that I wouldn't get more than two or three books read only between books.

Have fun with your time off!

Amy said...

Harry Potter is way too addictive. Actually, books in general are.

I love the word "foretoken." It sounds so... Tolkein. ;)

Precie said...

I've found that reading is what spurs my writing. When I don't take time to read, I sort of lose momentum. And my inner editor gets louder. It's only when I'm immersed in the joy of words that I can produce freely.

I love the word "foretoken" too!! We need to bring that back into popular usage!

Susan Adrian said...

Sara and Precie:

It's just a matter of time for reading, really. I only have an hour to myself a day, and if I read I don't write! Every once in a while I can fit extra reading in, but then (like right at this moment) I feel such a strong pull to just "relax" and read instead of buckling down and writing. I guess I'm not good with temptation. {g}

Susan Adrian said...


Yes, Harry Potter is sitting at my feet and calling out to me. Blog post--Harry. Blog post--Harry. Hmmm...short blog post. {g}