Monday, July 24, 2006

Discussion Week Day 1: Intros

After reading over last week's posts all in a chunk, it struck me that they were just a wee bit...didactic, hmmm? C'mon, admit it. Just a wee bit.

So I was feeling kinda preachy.

This week, I'd like to try something different and try to have some discussion.

For this to work, though, y'all are going to have to chip in and say something. Even those who normally just lurk! I know you're out there. Now's your time to speak up, if only for a post or two. I promise not to hunt you down after or even require anything of you beyond a few words.

Let's kick off the week with a general introduction and even more general question.

Please post with:
--Your name (online name is fine)
--Something about yourself (anything you'd like to share, an odd fact maybe)
--Why you write or are interested in writing

So I'll start.
Name: Susan Adrian
Something: I was a ballet dancer for 8 years and danced in a professional company, mumble-something years ago.
Why I write: Because I'm addicted to it. I've always loved losing myself in a story--a book, movie, or just a scenario in my head--and now I've discovered that I can actually create a world to escape to. And, OMG, others can read it and join in my world too! I don't think I could ever give it up now.

Your turn! Please respond!


Cindy said...

Ok, I'll be next...
Name: Cindy D
Something: I'm 33, have a four-year old boy and a three-month-old girl. I think I'm the happiest right now that I've ever been.
Why I write: Someday I want to hold in my hand a fresh new book with my name on the front.

Sarah said...

I'll bite next:

Name: Sarah Johnson
Something (odd fact): Used to work as a planetarium lecturer, a real long time ago.
Why I write: Because I feel compelled to tell other people about good books (I write reviews/criticism rather than fiction)

Sara Walker Howe said...

Name: Sara Walker Howe

Something: I'm 32 years old, have 3 boys, (4 if you count the husband) and I'm not completely insane. Yet.

When I was 14-ish, I begged my way into a couple of writing-related enrichment programs. Hooray for teachers who believe in kids!

Why I write: Because it keeps me sane. I get very bitchy when I haven't been writing for a couple days.

Renée said...

Name: Renee

Something: I'm 36, have a 7-year-old girl and a 4.5-year-old boy, and before kids I worked as an environmental inspector on several large construction projects (I got to wear a hard hat and everything!).

Why I write: There are lots of reasons, but I suppose the main one is that I love the creative process--it's such a rush and so satisfying. Sometimes I find writing to be extremely difficult. The masochistic, stubborn part of my personality loves pushing through those tough phases, which is good because they hit frequently!

Julie K said...

OK, here goes.

Name: Julie K

Something: I was once the manager of a lingerie store.

Why I write: I get paid to in my day job (and in my freelance book review job - nice to meet you Sarah!), and for some fun trying to immortalize a couple of ways of life that I only know from stories told by my parents and history books.

Lorraine said...

Name: Lorraine

Something About Me: I'm a published children's author--novels, not picture books, some of them historical.

Why I Write: Because I can't NOT write. It's not only my job, but my hobby and my passion and (besides my family) my first love. Besides, if I don't write, the voices in my head get WAY too loud. Although, my husband says writing is merely an excuse for me to do historical resesarch.

Lorraine said...

Whoops, I also meant to say that I discovered this blog from a "Hurray, historicals are coming back," comment on the Pubrants blog.

Anonymous said...

Name: Julianne

Something: I had my third child last year at 42 (after an eleven year gap; same marriage, same husband!)

Why I write: I earned a doctorate in sixteenth century French literature, then chose to stay home with my kids rather than pursue an academic career. I needed something to do with all that stuff I learned, so I decided to write a novel. Ten years and six hundred pages later, I'm two chapters away from finishing the book!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll play (mainly because I know you'll kick my ass if I don't!). . .
Name: Kris (Kreekie to friends)
Something: I want to learn how to fly a plane.
Why I write: Er, these days it should be why I _don't_ write. I write because it's fun and I want to see What Happens. . .


Julie said...

Name: Julie

Something: I currently have 7 felines in my house. Anyone in the Butte area interested in one?

Why I write: I don't write as often as I should, but when I do, I love the sense of accomplishment when I've written a really good snippet.

Susan Adrian said...

Woo-hoo! I was so excited to see your comments here this morning!

Thank you all for the intros. I love learning more about people. I don't promise not to use any good info in a future book. {g} (yes, I did a double-negative on purpose!)

And welcome, Lorraine! So glad to see you over here, and hope you continue to enjoy it.

On to discussion point #2.

Anonymous said...

Name: Monica
Something: I'm 36 have 3 kids, one drives (heaven help me), one talks on the phone (thank heaven for call waiting) and one loves to watch The suite Live of Zach and Cody (thank heaven for direct tv in 4 rooms).
Why I write: I always have, I wrote my first story in 1st grade and stapled it together like a book. Now I have to, I get itchy and really really cranky when I don't. I suppose it's just who I am.

Susan Adrian said...

Hi Monica! Great to meet you, and thanks for your comments!

Erica said...

I wandered over from Compuserve. I usually lurk wherever I go, like a creeping ground plant--but here you are.

Name: Erica Gillham

Something: I make luxury soap, using lye, vegetable oils, and essential oils and colours (clays and oxides), as a hobby. It appeals to my creative side without being overly precise. (I have clumsy fingers. *grin*)

Why I write: I get a bit itchy and scrappy if I don't. I enjoy it (most of the time) and like to see what I can create with characters that speak to me. I'm probably not a 'serious' writer, because I'm not in any hurry, but I am pretty determined.

Susan Adrian said...

Hey, thanks for introducing yourself, Erica! The soap gig sounds very cool. My daughter made me soap for Mother's Day with her picture embedded in it {g}, but it's probably not quite like yours.

Your name sounds awfully familiar to me. Did I exchange correspondence with you, some years back? {squinting, trying to regain the memory}

Erica said...

Hi Susan,

We did exchange email and do some critting, way back when. Perhaps five/six years ago. I was living in New Zealand.

I don't make melt and pour soap. *grin* Some people can make beautiful art from M&P, but I can't.

Susan Adrian said...


I KNEW it!

Umm...I really shouldn't be proud of remembering that fact, should I? I should've remembered it right away...

Anyway, good to "see" you again!

Mrs. Mitty said...

I'm playing catch-up on my blog reading, so a few days late here...

Name: Maureen

Something: I was once a Guide on AOL, back in the day. (And if you ever got booted out of a chat room for naughtiness, you're welcome. ;D)

Why I write: Because I must. I think my head would explode if I didn't. Too much going on in there to keep it all locked in. :)

Susan Adrian said...

Hey, Maureen! Good to see your intro. I don't _think_ I ever got booted from a chat room for naughtiness. Of course back in the day could be quite some time ago! {g}

Mrs. Mitty said...


Yes, well, I'm sure *you* would never be naughty in a chat room! Let's see, back in the day, hmm, kids were about 7 and 10? Yeah, 7 is 21 and 10 is 25 and married now!! (Eek, 15 years ago! How time flies!) LOL

ChrisMac said...

I guess I should have did this first ;)

I'm Christina. You might see me on Compuserve sometimes. I'm a Newbie.

I just started writing "seriously" this year. I was always a dabbler. But something came over me this year and I just decided to go for it. I was really inspired by a book called "Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen". I don't know what it was about it. I think there was something in there like "Just write" and it spoke to me. And I did!