Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Dance

So I've discussed previously how I'm NOT chasing the market, and I'm glad not to be. I just wrote a book that I would love to read, and that I think other people would love to read.

But I admit I did a happy dance when I read this on Kristin Nelson's blog last night:

"Not that it’s any big surprise but historicals are hot and editors are actively looking for original voices—both for big women’s fiction historicals but also for what I call “straight” historicals (especially if they have some sort of intrigue or mystery bent).

Think a more commercial Umberto Eco."

Oh, man. TMT is exactly, exactly that. Women's fiction historical/commercial historical. And "original voices" is great too! Woo-hooo. Perhaps (crossing fingers madly) I've unwittingly hit the timing just right...

Medieval Word of the Day: stathelfast: Firm, steadfast.
(ooh, good word!)


Cindy said...

Hey, that's great!! Wouldn't _that_ be fortuitous? (Yay! I got to use fortuitous in a sentence!!)
Good luck. I assume you'll be letting us know if and when you hear back from those agents? What's the time frame on that, anyway?

Susan Adrian said...


No, I'm afraid I'm not going to update here on agents and responses. To me that's a personal matter and not for public consumption...particularly since I included my blog address on queries!

I'll let y'all know when I sign with one, though. (thinking positive, see?) :)

And thanks!

Julie K said...


Huzza - what great timing you have, you!!

Julie K

sara said...


Yay, great news!

/Sara E.