Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today is the birthday of two of my favorite people, writers both--Happy Birthday, Linda and Daryl!

Actually, a very high percentage of my favorite people, many of them writers, have birthdays in January and February. Kinda makes me wonder if there's really a preponderance of aquarian/pisces writers, or if I just notice them more because I am one.

The chicken, or the egg?

Give a shout out if your birthday is in January or February too!

I just updated the TMT excerpt, for fun. :)

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Linda said...

Aw, thanks. (And it's the egg. The egg always comes first. I mean, dinosaurs laid eggs, right? And dinosaurs came before birds. Therefore, eggs came before chickens. {g})

Re Jan/Feb writer-friends: maybe we winter babies just naturally gravitate toward each other.