Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A little bit of pixie dust

Writing is going well. I'm having that feeling again where I'm thinking about the book often; I can't wait to get to it and find out what happens. Of course it helps, for suspense, that I have a MC who won't TELL me critical parts of the world. I ask, there is silence. I planned and brainstormed, and it immediately morphed on me. So I'm going with the flow. This might be one of those things I need to write to see.

In other news, planning is hot and heavy for Child's 5th birthday party. Birthday is Friday, party is Saturday. We did something Completely Different for here and are having an Art Party at our new Arts Center (otherwise known--heck, ubiquitously known--as "the Old Y"). We hired an artist for an hour, and she's going to do a project with the kids where they paint clay animal figures and then string them with beads and bells to make a windchime. Sweet! (Bonus: these are our party "favors" for the kids to take home.) We also will have a table with paper, stamps, stencils, crayons, markers, scissors, etc. to do with as they will. Plus pizza, a Tinkerbell cake, and games. Doesn't that sound awesome? Yesterday we went and bought Tinkerbell plates, cups, and napkins, and Happy Birthday banners and stuff to decorate.

We originally weren't going to have a party this year--we thought maybe we'd have one every other year--but then we looked at each other, realized she's only 5 once, and said "why not?" Requested birthday present: a fish. Our first pet. (We're allergic to furry and fuzzy animals.) We'll see how we do with pets!

I have meetings and class today, so I'd better go--though I really wish I could just open up the Word file and hunker down. Maybe later.

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Sara Howe said...

It's okay if you don't know everything. Kelly Armstrong, for example, only does as much world-building and character backstory as is necessary for the current story. Her fans often ask about stuff that's not developed and she explains that she doesn't give thought to it unless it's central to a book. So everything not central to the book is fodder for another story.

This is good for a series. But I think it's also good for a single title because too often SF & F writers fall into the "over-explaining every last thing because there won't be another book" trap.