Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Things

I'm here, I'm just distracted!

We got back in very late Saturday night/Sunday morning, and spent the weekend lazing around, playing, doing laundry, grocery shopping...stuff like that there. It was a nice vacation, but it's always good to be home too.

Oddly enough, it's much warmer here than it was in Sacramento. Our last couple of days it was about 30 degrees and foggy/damp; right now it's sunny and 52 here. Of course I vastly underestimated the heat, and I'm dying in a turtleneck sweater in my steam-heated + outside-heated office {pant}. Mental note: wear layers tomorrow!

1 Good Thing: people seem to have simultaneously (a) noticed that I was gone and missed me and (b) managed to limp along all right without me, with no major crises.

2nd Good Thing: I just scarfed a yellow cupcake with dark chocolate fudge frosting that Child and I made together yesterday. Yum.

3rd Good Thing: Pandora Internet Radio. Does anyone else know about this? It's free. You tell them one or more artists or songs you like, and they create a playlist for you. Then you give them feedback and they refine the selection, or you can add/subtract artists you like. It's awesome, and I'm addicted. I started out with Cole Porter, then added Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, and I'm pretty darn happy with the results. Yes, I am a throwback musically, and that's okay. One point about it that I love is if a song comes on that I don't like, I just hit the thumbs-down symbol and it immediately stops and never plays again. Cool.

I am limping a bit with the writing goals, but still progressing. Never give up. I'm also working mentally on how exactly I'm going to chop TMT up and put it back better, so that's coming down the pipeline.

Back to work now (and sweating).

Medieval Word of the Day: hidel-like: Secretly.

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Cindy said...

Hi Susan!

Sounds like a great weekend!

I get what you mean about work, too. It's nice to be needed, but you have to be able to get away once in a while.