Thursday, February 15, 2007

Moving On

I've simply had no time to blog the past couple of days--Tuesday I went on a ski trip with Child's preschool, and when I got back I had a work "emergency". Fortunately it's turning out fine, almost done.

I've had a couple of people ask me how I'm doing with the Big Change, and whether I'm feeling a sense of loss.

Short answer: Nope!

I rather thought I would. After all, I've let go of my first book, shoved the poor thing under the bed for now, and am dangling over the precipice of the unknown. Right? I should be mourning or something, shouldn't I?

Actually I was Without WIP, honestly, for about half a day. The very night I "let go", I couldn't sleep for all the ideas pouring into my head. A MC popped in whole, made herself comfortable, and settled right down to tell her story. So far it's pretty interesting, too. I'm not actually writing story as yet, but I'm doing a daily writing journal where I brainstorm the character/plot/world etc., and it's working. (Yes, Vic, I have brilliant friends.)

I'm going to keep it to myself for a while, but thought I'd let you know that I've already moved on, and yes, it's fun again. Yay. I think that transition might have been one of my best writing decisions yet. Onward!

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