Monday, February 12, 2007


There are some big changes going my head. {s}

On Friday I took a hard look at what I'm doing--what my writing goals are, what I'm passionate about, what kind of career I want to build. And what's not working for me now. With the help of a good friend, I realized that if I want to change course I need to do it NOW, before I get stuck on a track I don't want to be on.

In short, writing historicals isn't making me happy right now; it's making me UNhappy. I dread the research, I'm bored with characters whose lives I already know, in a world I can't experience yet have to stick to. I feel like I'm writing with both hands tied behind my back, and it's stopped being fun.

I'm yearning to write something of my own, a story that's wholly mine. Where I don't have to stick to a script--I make up the script. Where I can include elements that excite me, where I can let go and use my real voice, instead of trying to re-create someone long dead.

And I was thinking, la la la, I can write this new book, in a new genre for me, and still try to sell TMT.


If I sell it--and I still think that I could, if I spent some time really improving it--I will be expected to write historicals for a good long time, to build my career. And I don't want to do that.

I made a list of all the things I love to read about, to think about. Of the things that I love from my favorite authors of all time (the humor of Douglas Adams; the other worlds of Susan Cooper; the adventure and pacing of Mary Stewart, etc.). And folks, I am going My Own Way.

So you will see a change already in the blog...the Book 2 counter is gone. The references to historical fiction are gone. And guess what--instead of that medieval lady over there in the profile that I was hiding behind? There's me. (Well, a cartoon representation of me, but that's the closest you get for now.)

And the Medieval Word of the Day? That was nice, wasn't it? But I'm sorry, that has to go too.

My word of the day: transform: To change the form of; to change into another shape or form; to metamorphose.


Anonymous said...


You gave me this same advice. Remember? When I told you I was sick of looking at Wake Island. I fully plan to act on it too.

You kick ass.


Susan Adrian said...


Wow. I did. {snort}

As Vic said, correctly, I'd been looking at this possibility out of the corner of my eye for quite a while. Time to act on it.

You kick ass too, woman!

Sara Walker Howe said...



Put on your pink tee, and kick some butt!!

Susan Higginbotham said...

Takes guts! Best of luck with the new book.

Carol said...

Hi Susan,
I'm sorry writing wasn't fun any more. I hope it becomes a joy once again. So, what road will you head down? Anything in view?

Jen said...


Good luck with the switch. (s) That's a HUGE step, but if you feel it deep down, it's probably the best course of action. Any idea what genre you think you'll try?


Cindy said...

Yay Suze!

How exciting! I'm glad you figured out why writing didn't feel right any more, and that you have the courage to make the change. Best of luck on your new path - look forward to seeing what you'll do with your new freedom.

You know, I felt the same thing when I quit "accurate" historical fiction. I write using my imagination now, and damn the critics. Tt's waaaay more fun.

Good for you!

Diana Peterfreund said...

Wow... when I saw that new profile picture I about fell over. I definitely had to check the blog address.

I'm so impressed, and so excited for you. Good luck and Godspeed, Susan. I truly beleive you need to follow your heart -- and now is the best time to do so!

(a bit in shock, though...)

Susan Adrian said...

Sara: I will get out the pink tee. It makes me feel kick-ass. {g}

Susan: Thanks! It was really scary at first, facing the possibility down. Then liberating.

Susan Adrian said...

Carol and Jen:

Thanks for the support! It needed to be done.

As to genre? Yes, I'm working on brainstorming already. It's some sort of YA, I think, but beyond that I think I'll keep it under wraps for a while. Too early yet. {s}

Susan Adrian said...


[I write using my imagination now, and damn the critics. It's waaaay more fun.]

YES! I just kept thinking, "I can do whatever I want. I can do WHATEVER I WANT!" {g}

It is exciting. Scary, but exciting. I really don't want to trap myself into doing a genre I'm no longer enthused about.

Susan Adrian said...


LOL! I have to say I have a secret pleasure that I shocked you. It's good to shock people every once in a while.

I do think it's the right time to do it. And I'll admit that your success--and my friend Vicki's, and a few others whose careers I follow avidly--is part of my inspiration. When you said that about your fourth book being the one you queried, the other day, it added to my mental list of reasons to change. I was hanging on awfully hard to my first book, and I don't want to let a book that's not great define me. Ya know? {s}

Vicki Pettersson said...

OMG, what a great idea! So smart - brilliant, really - and, geez, your friend must be brilliant, too. And the _novelty_...writing something you love and are excited about and is genre-bending and makes you run to the page. Geez, you could be onto something!


One shot at your first book...shoot straight, shoot true.

Smooch, KWC. I'm so excited for you!

Susan Adrian said...



It only took 2 hours on the phone to figure out what was right in front of my face. But yes, I is brilliant, and my friend is brilliant too. {smooch back}

Now I must write the thing.

OH! And may I add, this writing-journal thing is the best. Why wasn't I doing this before?

Thanks, KWC.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! (I hear the Sesame Street version of "that's metamorphosis...just metaMORphosis" in my head.) Writing is supposed to be fun and gratifying, not jaw-clenching work that leaves you frustrated. Follow your bliss, and see what happens!


Susan Adrian said...


Following the bliss! Already encountered a strange woman named Pam...{eg}

Sara said...


Oooh, what a surprise! I'm a little miffed that I may never get to read TMT, but I'm happy for you that you've figured out what you want to do! Life is too short to write books that we aren't passionate about. *s*

/Sara E.

Susan Adrian said...


Exactly! And if you desperately want to read TMT sometime, send me an email. {g}

Beth said...

I'm yearning to write something of my own, a story that's wholly mine. Where I don't have to stick to a script--I make up the script. Where I can include elements that excite me, where I can let go and use my real voice

And that's why I write fantasy.

It takes guts to make a change like this. I say, go for it! And good luck. :)