Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmassy update

Someday I may start blogging regularly again.

At the moment, I feel like I'm in a holding pattern--waiting for responses, waiting for work stuff, waiting for Christmas--so I never think there's enough to report. A few things, though:

  • I finished my finals! Wahoo, this term is over. I'm officially halfway through my Masters. (better start working on that thesis, huh?) I've also registered for next term. Advance warning: I'm going to be stressing about making movies next term instead of giving speeches.
  • I had a Major Revelation on Ghost Girl, and figured out all this stuff I had wrong for backstory (no, most of it isn't on the pages, but it needs to be right in my head). Major changes that affect character interaction, internals, etc. So I took a brief break in forward progress and am re-writing (loosely) the first bit. I like it MUCH better.
  • Our tree is up! Christmas shopping almost done, except a few stocking stuffers for my hubby and something for my mom. I think this weekend it might be time to do some baking.
  • Saturday, however, will be busy. Birthday party to escort Child to, then all of us are going to the Nutcracker, then out to dinner. Yay!!
Music: Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin yakking it up with "Marshmallow Cloud in the Winter" on a Pandora Christmas swing mix.

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