Saturday, December 22, 2007

One day

A day in the life...yesterday.

I wake thinking of snakes. I have to remember to add the snake idea into my WIP. Add in a brief mention in previous scene, longer bit in current scene, with explanation.

Realize that the water is boiling, Child is not fed yet, and I really have to put together that pasta salad for the potluck. Go do all this, dress child in fancy velvety Christmas dress with fur. Shower and clean myself up, check on husband, get everyone to sign cards for teachers, herd out the door.

Arrive at Child's Christmas program, chat with parents. Watch the rather surprising choice of a play about a child dying from the atom bomb attack, then Child ringing Christmas bells. Think idly about snakes. Wonder if I need to rework that last paragraph...something's not right there.

Abandon the hour-long line for a buffet of cocktail weenies, go out to lunch instead. After lunch, split off and go Christmas shopping (alone!). Puzzling over what happens next in the story, while driving under big lit-up bells hanging at the stoplights.

Go home, clean. Decide I need to definitely take out that last para about snakes...too telling. Don't get a chance though, because Child and hubby come home. Play.

Pack dinners, head out to basketball game. Stuff self with popcorn and candy.

Come home, rush Child to bed, zone on sofa with hubby and a movie. Go to bed at midnight. Fall asleep thinking about plot and boyfriend issues in the book, and snakes. :)

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