Wednesday, December 19, 2007


From The Onion today:

As a 30-something person who loved HP--not crazy love like some people, but I did order the thing in hardcover so I could read it before some fool told me what happened--I laughed out loud. I think maybe my husband wrote this piece, actually. :)

Looking back over my blog posts lately, _I'm_ bored. So here's the question all bloggers ask when they're tired of hearing themselves blah all over. What would you like more of? Giveaways would be good, right? What else? Craft? Gossip? Recipes?

I'm looking to inject a little life back over here, if the needle's not too big.


Susan's fan club said...

Naked pics!

Anonymous said...

I know, how about shrimp recipes? {g,d, and r like hell. . . }


Susan Adrian said...


Just for you, I...

will not say what I am thinking about that suggestion. {eg}