Thursday, December 20, 2007

A dirty secret

It's time to admit my addiction.

I tried to deny it, really I did. I tried to remove the temptation. I tried to pretend that if it wasn't right there, easily clickable, I wouldn't go look. I certainly wouldn't seek it out, right?

But oh yes, I do. I will click through three websites now to get there, daily. I snort and I giggle, and I spew coffee all over my monitor.

And in the name of facing up to it, I'm just going to add the link. No more being ashamed!

I'm a fug fan.

It's all A Novel Woman's fault.


Cindy said...

Don't you know how many things I have to do today??? I don't have TIME for this!

I actually liked the legwarmers on that Keri chick, though. You know, about nineteen pages in...

Susan Adrian said...


I KNOW. The first day I found it, I was there for a shameless amount of time. Now at least I'm caught up, to a point...