Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GG 2nd draft: check!

Just finished the 2nd draft of Ghost Girl! Yay! flipping right back to the beginning to work on the 3rd draft. I honestly can't help myself. This is my favorite draft, where I get to just concentrate on the language. And I'm getting excited about this book in spite of myself.

Can I say that I still love the last 2 chapters?

{happy sigh}


Linda said...

Hooray, you!

And of course you can say you still love the last two chapters. But I hope you love the whole thing. You wouldn't want the other chapters to get jealous, would you? {g}


Susan Adrian said...

Thanks again, Linder!

And you just want to read it. :)

I think the other chapters ARE jealous. Except Chapter 1--I really like that too. I shall have to nudge the others up until I like them as much.