Monday, May 19, 2008

News, and fun

WHAT a kick-ass fun weekend.

It was 80 or near-80 all weekend, so everyone in the whole state was in shorts, tank tops, and sandals, as far as I can tell. And we all were outside enjoying the sunshine. I swam! I went to the park with Child! I picnicked! I sat in a lawn chair and wrote! I mowed!

All good, my friends. All the trees and flowers in our yard are flipping out at going from snow to summer. It was weird to have summer weather when our tulips haven't even bloomed yet, but I'll take it.

And a new, fun development: on Friday at noon I took Child to the library to get her some chapter books--she JUST started reading them at school, and wanted to try the Magic Treehouse books. So we got the first one, a Junie B. Jones and a Nate the Great. I figured that would last a few weeks, as she tended to be a little slow working her way through them.

She finished the Magic Treehouse by 3 PM that same day.

Then she finished the Nate the Great Saturday morning, and Junie B. yesterday. It was SO cool--she was so excited about it, and proud of herself.

We went back to the library on Saturday and got 4 more books!

Edits are going really well on GG--I made some good plot changes, and am jamming along on the second draft. I might finish it this week. Then comes the fun third draft, where I really get to fine-tune the language. That's my favorite. Then: beta-readers! Woot!

Last bit of news: See the sidebar for a countdown to Vicki Pettersson's release date for her new book, Touch of Twilight. I'm going to team up with Vic for a promotion here on the blog, around release day. Watch this space!!

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