Tuesday, May 27, 2008

VICKI PETTERSSON: Interview! Contest!!!

And here it is!! An interview with author extraordinaire Vicki Pettersson about her new book The Touch of Twilight, the zodiac series, writing stuff, and other completely random and possibly freakish questions. CONTEST DETAILS AT THE END!

Vicki and I were born in the same year, and married in the same year (not to each other). We've been friends since we both were writing historicals, since she was a showgirl and I was...oh, I was still an editor. Right. Anyway, YEARS. She's one of my writing heroes. She knows what she wants to do, and she puts her head down and gets it done. You can see her passion and her hard work in every page.

And in spite of her currently scrabbling to finish Book 4, I pinned her down long enough to answer a few questions:

Susan: Joanna, your heroine, discovers in the first book (The Scent of Shadows) that she has superpowers, among other things. It's been rumored that these books are actually a confession of your own super abilities. Can you tell us one of your own uber-mortal talents?

VICKI: I have the ability to bruise myself in my sleep. No kidding. I'll wake up in the morning with bruises and have no idea how they got there. Of course, the first fight scene in SCENT came to me in a dream, so maybe that's where I test a scene's plausibility. (My poor husband. He'd probably prefer it if I wrote romance.)

Susan: In TOT, Jo burrows even deeper into the underworld of Las Vegas. What's your favorite new thing about that universe that you discovered while writing this book?

VICKI: Oh my. Tough question, because obviously I'm only writing about things that interest me as a writer and a reader. Without giving too much away, I suppose my favorite elements were discovering about new creatures, unfolding more of the history behind the Zodiac's matriarchal lineage, and sensing a possible subculture that none of the characters in the books seem willing to acknowledge. As Jo and I share a perverse curiosity that causes us to plunge headlong in directions others would rather us not (which I like to think of as an endearing trait), I got to indulge in all of these things.

Susan: Confession time. If you had to choose, would you rather have one night with Hunter or Ben? (I know which one I'd choose…)

VICKI: One night? Dude. There are seven days in the week. If pressed, I suppose I could divvy the days up evenly and take my day of rest on the Sabbath. How does that sound? (Slutty, I know. But I won't hold it against them if you won't. {Evil grin})

Susan: How does Vegas continue to influence the books?

VICKI: Vegas is as much a player in these books as any other major character, or so that's the goal. I want things to happen in this series that could only happen or evolve in this particular place, so I choose city settings that are unique to the environment, and that speak to me as a native. I'm always amazed at how place affects mood, and I'm sure to note my emotions when I travel. Vegas speaks to me of hope, so despite the noir tone of this series, I try to convey that as well.

Susan: Where do you get your ideas? Kidding. But about your writing process: how is it different now, with several published books under your belt, than when you started?

VICKI: I know that I can write. I know that I can finish. I know what works for me and why. (Or maybe I should say I know a lot of what doesn't work for me — that's sometimes more important.) I can tell when I'm heading off track before I get too far, and I have the tools to correct such missteps quickly and easily, so that I don't waste too much time detouring down rabbit holes. The different stages of creating a novel are now familiar to me, so even if I'm in an uncomfortable place in the text, I recognize that I've been there before, and move forward with the confidence that I'll get out of it again. But I'm still basically a plough horse about it (or maybe just a mule {G}). I just put words on the page one at a time and shove them around until the day's work is done.

Susan: We know the advice for writers in the midst of books: Read, write, don't stop. What's your advice for writers with a finished book, starting the query process or in the publishing waiting game?

VICKI: Why? Do you know someone in that position? {Innocent blink}

Actually my advice is to do the same thing that you do in all other areas of your life: build on it. Do what you've been doing all along - write. It's really the only thing you can control anyway, but fortunately it's also the most important thing. And while seeing your work on the shelves is definitely a Dream Come True, the writing is still the best part of the job. Enjoy it.

And now you KNOW you need to read TOUCH OF TWILIGHT, right? To enter to win a signed copy, just post in the comments to this post, and we'll do a random drawing. Contest ends at midnight MST. Good luck!!!


Judi said...

I would love to win a copy! :) I bought up The Scent Of Shadows and The Taste Of Night like they were candy when they were reeased!!

Great interview, it was a fun read.

Vampyre said...

Suze If I appologize for posting the "Short People" song on Showgirl's forum, will you let me enter the contest?

I'd love a signed (tater)ToT!


Susan Adrian said...

Vampy: I'm not sure just an apology will do it. I'm thinking begging. Humble begging *waiting*

Raven said...

Suze- Great interview!
Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

Chelly said...

Great interview. I've enjoyed the series since I first saw it at a Longs Drugstore. I hope the new book does uber-awesome in stores.

Catherine Karp said...

I haven't read any of Vicki's books yet, but since she's a good friend of yours and a fellow Irene Goodman writer, I'll enter myself into your giveaway contest. Great interview! Very helpful.

Regarding your last post about Seattle: how did you get sun up there? Except for part of Saturday, we were cloudy and rainy down here in Portland.

Julie K said...

Dude - nice interview! Would love a signed copy to go with the one currently being shipped :)

Chandra Rooney said...

Great interview, Susan!

Should I win this book, Random Number Machine, it'll be traveling across the pond to an eager English reader.

Jennifer Hendren said...

Great interview, Susan! :)

Congrats to Vicki for her release, and to YOU for finishing GG. (g)

Sign me up! :)

Vampyre said...

Well I guess I'll be getting my book signed the old fashioned. :P


Susan Adrian said...

LOL, Vamp! A fellow stubbornite, I see!

All right, you're entered. :)

Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Susan,

Here's my support for a fellow writer.

Congratulations Vicki on your new release!

StarlitRogue said...

Awesome Suz! Very well done interview and very fun too. ;)

And you went to Seattle? Lucky you!

Thanks for posting the link on the board!

Linda George said...

I have been so looking forward to this book -- it has been on order for over a month

Linda said...

Great interview!

And I wanna win. Just so you know. {g}


Linda said...

P.S. to Vic: It's not slutty, since you'd take the Sabbath off. Now, if you divvied up the other days between the two of them, and then did them both together on the Sabbath, that would be slutty. {wg}


Tara Parker said...

Thanks for posting the interview, Susan!

I'm over halfway through TTOT - just picked it up yesterday.

And congrats on your own work!

Jamie Lila Murray said...
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~Piper said...

Yay! I'm so excited that the third book is out! I've been waiting for ages to read more :) Awesome interview, too!

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to start reading this!!

Anna said...

I'm so glad this book is finally out!!!

InsaneDawny said...

Happy dance! Happy dance! Happy dance! So happy the new book is out.

Ailishsmom said...

I should have a copy of TOT, because my aim is world peace one cocktail party at a time.


Cathy said...

Great interview. I am really enjoying this series and can't wait to read The Touch of Twiligt.

Night critter said...

I love this series and am really looking forward to reading The Touch of Twilight.

Pamk said...

love the first two in this series. Bought the first on a friends recommend and she bought from the cover alone. You've made two new fans in us.

Helen said...

Please count me in!

And great interview. I especially liked the question about how her writing methods have developed over time.

(And who _would_ you choose - Ben or Hunter? I'd go Hunter, personally *g*)

Lori T said...

Shoot, I just missed the deadline...but I wanted to say that I can hardly wait to pick this one up. I will have to stop at the bookstore tomorrow on the way home from work.

I love this series!

Great interview!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Suze! Since we're both short...?