Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Day Good/Bad

Good: It's Mother's Day, which just makes everybody think about and appreciate the mothers in their life even more. I love my Mom. I LOVE being a Mom.

More Good: We played this morning, which I don't ever have as much time to do as I want. We made orange rolls.

Bad: Child felt a little squicky.

Good: We went swimming, and had fun splashing in the pool.

Bad: Child felt more squicky. Still insisted she was okay, though.

Good: We went to see the Duquesne University Tamburitzans, a wonderful folk dancing/singing/music playing group we've seen before and love. My Mom came too, and we ran into one of Child's best friends, so they sat together and giggled.

Bad: Child not feeling better. I made her mac & cheese, but sadly it was rather a lost cause at that point, and stomach virus took over. Poor thing. We spent the evening in the bathroom, and then wrapped up in a big soft blanket sipping sparkling water, nibbling graham crackers, and watching a Barbie movie.

Good: She's been asleep for a couple hours now, next to our bed. I'm so hoping she sleeps through the night and feels better in the morning. I HATE seeing my baby sick. {sigh}

We shall see about school/work in the morning, though I'm doubting it...


Linda said...

Aw, man. So sorry about Child's illness -- nothing is worse than seeing your baby sick. Hope she feels better real soon.


Julianne Douglas said...

Sorry to hear about the sickies. I hope she's over it soon (and that you don't catch it, too!). I was up most of the night, too, with a child who napped from 4 pm until 11 and then decided it was time to get up and party.....

Kelly Gay said...

Poor thing! Hope she feels better soon.

And Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Susan Adrian said...

Linder: Thanks. She's much better already!

Julianne: Aw, yuck! Hope you can get some sleep today!

Kelly: Thank you--fortunately it seems to be much better today. Yay. We're making crowns right now. :)