Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Sorry for the delay in posts! I was out of town Sunday and Monday, and Monday night I came down with a glorious stomach virus. Fever of 101 all day yesterday--I could barely drag myself from the bed to the sofa. I'm home again today, but almost all better, and 4-year-old diva is home with me.

Meaning I must go now because I need to be Pooh for a little while...more later, or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pooh,

SEE? I told you it was the flu. Glad you listened to me, now?

I hope you feel better soon--I'm bored and need someone to chat with.

Get better!


Vicki Pettersson said...

I was wondering where you'd been! Get all better ... nice to have you back.

Susan Adrian said...

Kris! You posted!! Woo-hoo!

I missed chatting with you too.


Susan Adrian said...

Hey Vicki! I like your new blogger space. Maybe one of these days I'll actually comment, instead of just reading your updates on Google Reader... {s}

It's nice to be back!

Vicki Pettersson said...

What's Google Reader?

Susan Adrian said...

Google Reader is a kickass blog reader that lets me read all the new blog entries in one place, without going to each page to check and see if they've posted. It rocks.

Google Reader