Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sometimes it's okay to be a snail

I like this "medieval word of the day" idea. Heck, I've got a huge list of 'em, and access to the OED; why not share?

Today I need to keep moving on TMT. It's taking far longer than I expected to make revisions. Mostly this is for good reasons, because I keep finding more ways to make it better, but I just feel like a snail. I had a taste of agents reading it, see, and I liked it. {s} Even though I got "no" responses in the end, the comments--and the thought that people who really KNOW were interested in it enough to read the full--well, that was intoxicating. I want to get the bloody thing out there again.

BUT. I also know better. I know that I need to be patient, that I need to make the book right. Not just good, but great. Not just a story, but a damn good story. Currently there are bits that are good, bits that really rock, and bits that need work. (Why didn't I see this before? I dunno. Because I didn't let it sit long enough?)

Anyway, this is my central struggle at the moment. Not actually doing the work, but fighting every day with myself, wanting to hurry hurry hurry get it done vs. taking my time to get it right.

Medieval Word of the Day: forbled: exhausted with bleeding; covered with blood.

Yeah, that one'll come in handy, I bet.

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