Friday, March 24, 2006

You want some cheese with that whine?

Not a good day so far. I'm in a crappy mood, everyone in my family is annoyed with me, and I have to go talk to the teacher after preschool because Child's been misbehaving.


I browsed around for somebody who was in a better mood to send you to--but I couldn't find one! Everyone else is joining me in my misery.

Well, okay, damomma is funny. Go there. Me, I'm just gonna sit here with the door closed, have my coffee, and keep listening to the '80s alternative radio station (yeah, the Smiths will cheer me up, don't ya think?).

Medieval Word of the Day: bedag: to bemire the bottom of a dress.


Anonymous said...


There, there. [BIG HUG] Things will be better soon. Really. [Sound like a tough day, though!]

I do think this time of year is tough. The winter coziness has fled, leaving pent-up kids, houses deprived of fresh air . . . .
If it makes you feel any better, it's still cold here in Virginia too. Flurries predicted for this weekend.

Have been meaning to comment more -- will come back later. Off to write now.
-- Jennifer S
PS LOVE the medieval word of the day!!

Anonymous said...

At least it's Friday.

Sorry you're having a crappy day.

What's going on with Sophie?


Susan Adrian said...

Thanks for the hug, Jennifer!! I know it will get better, eventually. {s}

Good luck with the writing, and talk to you soon...

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Kathy!
It would be good that it's Friday...except at least I can hide and be by myself at work. {s} Some days are like that.

As to Sophie? She's started to act at school the way she sometimes acts at home. I guess she's finally comfortable enough there to "act out"...we'll see what the teacher has to say.

Anyway, I'm almost getting over myself today {g}, and it's almost time to write. Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan:
Your four year old is misbehaving? I simply don't believe it...
I hope it's not too bad, I'm sure it won't be. Intelligent children get bored easily, and to borrow from Damomma, We All Know About Sophie.

Here's a Latin lesson for you:

Ubi est mia anaticula cumminosa?
(Where's my rubber ducky?)

Credidi me felem vidisse!
(I tought I taw a puddy tat!)

Habeamus convivium ad mercem emendam Tupperi!
(Let's have a Tupperware Party!)

I think the waiting is starting to get to me...


Vicki Pettersson said...

LOL about Cindy's post!

Not laughing re. Sophie. I don't dare.

But I hope your day is looking up. I've been to the park and am 'watching' baby Einstein with a 2 year old. If this is what it's going to be like every day I seriously see a scheduled cocktail hour in my future.

Susan Adrian said...


ROFL on the Latin! I think I'll memorize those. Or perhaps not. {g}

The teacher meeting was postponed until Tuesday. Fine with me...

Everything IS better, though!

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Vic!

Yes, that's what it's like every day. {g}

Things ARE better now. Of course she's in her room for telling me to Go Away {rolling eyes}, but she's happy and quiet there for the time being...