Thursday, March 23, 2006


Medieval Word of the Day: clenge: To cleanse, make clean; To clear, empty, sweep clear of, rid of.

I need to spring-clenge my house. Seriously. After a full Montana winter (okay, winter's not really over yet here, and won't be for another half-month at least. But the calendar says it's spring, dammit!) there is dirt, there is mud, there are dried puddles. Plus there's the clutter that comes with winter inertia, when we can't be bothered to put away or clean anything because why should we, it's bloody dark outside anyway, we live on a frigging ice-planet, who will care about a few piles in the house?

Whew, I'm glad winter's almost over. I was getting stir-crazy. (Yes, the sun is shining here today, and the ice is momentarily melting, so that was just a flashback to the dark days.)

Anyway. I need to clean. But every day I think this, and somehow instead I manage to...not. Last night I had every intention of thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and clearing off the lingering towers of paper on the dining-room table. But hubby invited me to come sit and have chocolate pudding with him and watch a movie instead. Really, what would you do? Result: happy husband, happy me, happy child in bed. Filthy house. Oh well, you can't have it all.

As to writing, yesterday I did my full hour. This chapter was mostly all right (I think), so I just did minor tweaking. I did make the primary antagonist be more of an ass earlier on, which is always fun. You--or rather Katherine and Thomas, really--will be happy to know I let them stay at the inn. Here's a tiny bit of description from that passage that I like:

From The Murderess's Tale, Copyright 2006 by Susan Adrian, All Rights Reserved

I stood just inside the doorway, folded in my cloak, while Thomas arranged for lodging and the Welshmen took care of the horses. The place was small and dingy, with just a few feeble lamps and a smoldering hearth fire to break up the gray interior. It smelled of stale beer and tallow, and some remnant of this morning's greasy sausage.

Mostly I think I like it because I remembered to put in what it smells like. {s}


Anonymous said...

Dear Susan:
I'm glad about the inn. I liked the inn. There are other woods-scenes anyway.



Susan Adrian said...


The inn-change was kinda for dramatic purposes anyway. Though I briefly considered it. {s}

But you're right, we have enough wandering around in the forest!

Still hangin' in?