Friday, March 10, 2006

Sleepless in Montana


I am utterly dead on my feet. I opened up the file to write, and stared at the (blurred) words for about 5 minutes, searching my fuddled brain for something to put down. When I realized the only kinds of sentences floating in my head were along the lines of "Pretty, pretty butterfly. Oh, look. Look at the pretty butterfly. See, Thomas? Look..." I stopped and shut the file.

I am now having a break, drinking tea, and playing Word Jong on Shockwave, which is all I seem to be capable of at the moment.


Anonymous said...


LOL! Yes. I think it's best to take the afternoon off. Perhaps this weekend you'll come up with something better.

I've been working on some gruesome research and haven't had the heart to dive into it today.

So, there's some more solidarity for you. I'm not writing today either dammit! {g}


Susan Adrian said...


Now THAT kind of solidarity I don't want...back to it tomorrow! {s}

Susan (zzzzzz)

Anonymous said...



Hope you had a good night's sleep.