Friday, March 17, 2006

The Wearin' of and purple?

My girl was a fashion plate this morning. She went off to preschool in: a hot pink shirt with flowers on it, a pale orange terrycloth skirt, and lilac tights. No green in sight. (And yes, she does pick out all her own clothes!)

I am wearing the more traditional green. Not because I'm Irish at all, not a drop--I think, if I admit it to myself, I actually wear green because of fear, from all those years at grammar school when I forgot and got pinched black and blue. You'd think the rebel in me, the one who refuses to make the bed because I was forced to, would wear all black or something, but noooo. Maybe next year.

St. Pat's is a HUGE holiday here, because my town has a massive percentage of Irish people from the mining days. Think Boston, quite so many people. There's a parade, real pipers, Irish dancing, Irish storytelling, and--most popular of all, by far--drinking and fighting. They start drinking at about 10 AM in anticipation of the parade, and keep at it all day and night. After 6 it's really best to stay in your house, unless you'd like to be in the paper tomorrow in the police blotter section.

Can you tell yet this is not my favorite holiday? {g}

Anyway, on the writing side, things are going well. I'm slogging away at TMT rewrites; I'm on Chapter 4. But I've found several useful new historical bits to put in, and today I am writing a Whole New Scene, in which the MC imagines a scene from her parent's past. Kinda like flashback for a 1st-person narrator who wasn't there. Sounds great, right? No, really. It'll be good. And it'll deepen the book, explain the MC's actions a bit more, and explain some stuff that before was really only in my head. Maybe I'll post a snip of it, once I get it done...

Anyway, that's it for today. Just blather.


Anonymous said...

Happy St. Pat's Day! (I had no idea until I read your post -- I've lost all track of American Holidays *g*)

Hooray! about TMT, and that tings are moving along. Sounds like you'll be doing someting _similar_ to what Diana calls elided POV, only without the secondary character actually being present to re-tell the story (but rather through Katherine's recollections). Hmm, works for me, but you should definitely post a snip when it's done. For sure. *g*


Anonymous said...

Happy St. Pat's Day!

I'm a quarter Irish, or maybe an eighth? There's a Doyle back there somewhere, and a Murphy too. Still, this isn't a day I've ever really celebrated myself, though I enjoy the notion in a peripheral sort of way. And I certainly do applaud the spirit of the Irish people.

I'll be watching for snips, of course, and as usual I wish you much luck - whether ye be of Irish descent or not. In fact, I won't wish you the luck of the Irish, because I was a history major, once upon a time. They don't seem like a particularly lot to me.


Susan Adrian said...

Hey, Daryl!
And isn't it odd that the Irish holiday really is only American? {g}(though I can't really say much any more. I just went out to lunch with DH and shared a pitcher of beer...{rolling eyes})

[Sounds like you'll be doing someting _similar_ to what Diana calls elided POV, only without the secondary character actually being present to re-tell the story]

Yes! Exactly. Like that. We'll see how elegantly (or not) I do it, though. If it's good, I'll post it. If it's shite...

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Cindy! I'd have to agree with you about the luck o' the Irish. It never seemed like something to aspire to. {g}

We'll see if I like the bit enough to post it!

Anonymous said...

Am so smart. *koff*

**If it's good, I'll post it. If it's shite...**

If it's shite, you'll post it anyway. See, you may only _think_ it's shite. We'll be able to tell you differently. *g*