Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another picture...and holding

From Barnes & Noble in Lincoln, Nebraska:

Thanks, Jen! Who else has a bookstore and a camera?

I had a super-cool, amazing quote from STORY picked out to post today...but I forgot to bring the book to work. Ah well. I'm such a tease. You'll get, another day.

In other news, I'm currently on hold with, because they suck. My wonderful husband ordered flowers for my birthday FIVE days in advance, and the idiots decided to ship them instead of using a local florist. So my poor flowers came from Denver, to Memphis, to Great Falls, to Billings, where they got stuck in a snowstorm and did NOT come for my birthday. He was Very Sad. When they did come (yesterday) the bouquet and vase were not even close to what he ordered (beautiful orange and red roses), and they were all brown and kinda smelly. Did I say that SUCKS? So now I am calling to tell them that no, I am not "very satisfied with this gift and that it has arrived in excellent condition". I've been on hold for 10 minutes so far. Grrrrr.

However, I must remember to still be pretty pleased that he sent me beautiful roses for my birthday....even if it didn't work out quite right.

Send me your pictures!


Linda said...


Sorry about your flowers--that really does suck. Somebody at FTD made a stupid decision. They must not realize how quickly stuff like this travels through the blogoshpere. {eg}

But it was a nice thought on DH's part anyway. {s}

I'm still working on getting that photo--maybe I'll have better luck today.


Anonymous said...


FTD blows.

Love, Rose

--Dude, that just rhymed...

Chris said...

Let us know how it turned out.

Sara Howe said...

Sorry about the flowers. It sucks! Good for you for giving them a piece of your mind! How did it turn out?

Chris said...

Susan- I was at the book store today here in Nova Scotia, Canada and saw "Scent" for sale. It took me by surprise. I thought, "Cool! There's that book." My phone doesn't have a camera though so no pic.

Pretty exciting for Vicki though. Is that her on the back cover? If it is, she's a beauty.

Susan Adrian said...


A little bird told me you got the send it along so I can post it! :)

And I'll update on the flowers. still sucks.

Susan Adrian said...

Rose, Chris, & Sara:

Yes, they do suck! Will update here when I get a chance. Thanks for the sympathy!

Susan Adrian said...


Yay, you saw SCENT! And yep, that's Vicki. Disgustingly gorgeous, isn't she?