Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Quote from STORY by Robert McKee:

"So...ask: What's my favorite genre? Then write in the genre you love. For although the passion for an idea or an experience may wither, the love of the movies is forever. Genre should be a constant source of reinspiration. Every time you reread your script, it should excite you, for this is your kind of story, the kind of film you'd stand in line in the rain to see....Be honest in your choice of genre, for of all the reasons for wanting to write, the only one that nurtures us through time is love of the work itself."

YES. This is complete validation of my recent switch, and of the work I'm doing now. And I am loving it, the characters and the voice and the story, and I think it shows in the work. Yes.

Are you writing in your favorite genre? Are you writing about what's important and interesting to YOU?


Sara said...

Interesting. I do write in my favorite genre, which is fantasy.

Which is your new favorite then, YA?


Susan Adrian said...


I guess I'm putting a little bit of all my favorites in, now. But when it shakes out it's some kind of YA fantasy/paranormal, I _think_. :)

Cindy said...

Hi Susan:
This is why I'm still writing an historical, that's where my escape hatch is. (S) As alluring as contemporary can be, with its (seemingly) fewer complications, I know I'd only run into different sorts of problems with that. Ain't none of it easy. So, still historicals for me.

So. You've not said much about YOUR favourite genre... *winkwink, nudge!*

Susan Adrian said...


Oh, am I still sounding mysterious? {blink, blink}

Yes, in case you were wondering, I am evil. {g}

Sara said...


*g* Well, fantasy is a handy genre to fall into because it's so broad, it can cover everything from epic "quest" novels to romantic fantasy, urban mysteries, alternate history, dark fantasy and so forth.

Did you read Rachel Vater's post today (I think it was today)? It's a bit about the same subject (how to figure out what you find compelling and so forth).

/Sara E.