Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Life

Still here, just hiding. Livin' life, which is rocking pretty hard right now, so I'm trying to enjoy every minute.

Yesterday Child and I had an unexpected day off together, since her school decided to go ahead with their planned Ski Day.'s been 60-65 degrees for 3 weeks, with no storms. Anything left on the slopes will be pure ice. And I'm not sending a preschooler to ski on ice, sorry.

So I was Super Mommy, and invited her best friend over for a playdate in the afternoon instead. Man, it is so cool to watch your kid be that happy. The two of them were giggling like fiends for 3 hours straight, playing dress up and 'chicken pox' (?), and playdoh meal-making and Angelina Ballerina and I don't even know what all. I was also selfishly hoping that I'd have time to write while they were playing, but I only managed 100 words in between being Miss Lily and Mom and the sister who did not have chicken pox. And that's okay--I have enough sense to know that word count and even writing are not always the most important things. {s}

However, I'm back to it today (trying to resist the Spider Solitaire urge, but that's another story), and will get up over 8000 at least.

Oh, and I found a wonderful, perfect post on "How to Write the Book of Your Voice" by Julie Leto. YES yes yes. Writers, go read it. This is the realization I've been coming to these past few weeks. (Thanks for the link, Diana)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect "ski" day to me. {s}

Oh, and sorry about that Spider Solitaire thing... but we did try to warn you, after all. {g}

Linda G.

Cindy said...

Oooh, good piece. Lucky for me, the "book of my heart" is commercially viable. Phew! (S)

Susan Adrian said...


You did warn me. And I succumbed anyway. And again, and again...

Suze (with no willpower)

Susan Adrian said...


No, no, no, the book of your VOICE! {g}

Carol said...

Hi Susan,
Spider solitare--very addictive. I've been clean now for about a year, just hearing the name gives me the itch. They need to offer a support group.

Susan Adrian said...


I can't believe you've been clean for a year! Wow. It really is like a drug. I tell myself no, and then I go and do it anyway...{sigh}

Only once today so far, though. {g}