Monday, March 26, 2007


It's 45 degrees outside right now, but it's HOT in my office. I have both windows open and a fan blowing about a foot from me. I do wish when it's warm outside they'd turn the frigging boiler heat off. {roast}

In good news:

1. I had an excellent weekend. We went on a shopping trip to Bozeman on Saturday, and came back with piles o' clothes (I'm sporting a very cute shirt right now, polka-dotted and springy), new pillows, and a fish tank for Child. We'll pick up the fish this week, yay.

2. It was 70 degrees in Bozeman on Saturday, and the aforementioned 45 here today. It is sunny and balmy, and the bulbs are coming up and the trees budding. We don't usually have spring in March here, but it's nice.

3. I managed a bit more on JENNA today. Should be able to accomplish the 10,000 by end of March with no problems--5 days and 1130 words remaining. I also wrote a good draft of the poem I have to produce for an April 1st deadline (a local artist/writer collaboration project) on Friday. Finally.

4. I got my haircut on Thursday, into a layered bob kind of like the avatar look. It makes me feel all different and ready for warmer weather. Bonus: when my hair is that short, it bounces up and gets curly. I always forget this when it's long. {g}

5. Hubby and I squeezed in watching THE PRESTIGE and HOLIDAY over the past few days, and I loved them both. THE PRESTIGE is very reminiscent of THE ILLUSIONIST, and yet just different enough. Both totally fooled me, though. Why can I never see the twists? I told my husband that I'm the perfect movie/magic/hypnotism subject. I always see what they want me to see. {sigh}

Things I'm not thrilled with:

1. Term is over in a month, and I've left my grad school projects to the end. I started last week (again, finally) but it's taking longer than I'd hoped. I'm going to be putting in some major hours these next couple of weeks. Yuck.

2. I have to read a chapter on "Contesting the Objectivist Paradigm" and present it in class on Wednesday. Bleagh. Can you tell I'm more into writing than grad school this term?

3. I am extremely sleepy.

On balance, the positives far outweigh the negatives. I just have to kick myself in the butt to do the grad school stuff. Of course it's hard to kick oneself in the butt when one is extremely sleepy, but will try.......


Cindy said...

Hi Suze!

Eeg, I'm falling behind you with a scant 7K. (S) I'll catch up. Just watch!

Sounds like a good weekend and a tough week ahead! And congrats on the new haircut, I almost never change my hair but I should. Sometimes a little change is just what one needs! Hope you can work in a nap.

Susan Adrian said...

Hi Cindy!

Well, fortunately we're not competing. I have enough trouble competing with myself. {g} But you're welcome to shoot for the 10,000 by end of March that I am! Of course I also plan to do another 10,000 in April. ;)

The haircut has made a lot of difference in my attitude. As you say, small changes!

Cindy said...

Oh, I didn't mean to challenge you - only me. It was just a little bet that I made with myself, in part because I know you don't get a heck of a lot of time to write, either. I need some way to make myself accountable.

OTOH, if you keep up this 10K per month thing, I'll be skunked in short order. (G)

I'm not sure how many words you used to get per day with TMT, but doesn't this feel GOOD? A comfortable, productive stride. When I made The Change and started feeling freer it suddenly seemed possible - not only that I could do it - but that I could love writing again. I can breathe!

Susan Adrian said...


This feels great. I'm not sure what the pace was with TMT--it was over so many years and with big gaps and all. With the fledgling Book 2 I was seriously scraping to get 150 words a day. Now my working pace seems to be 500-700. Some slower, some faster. But it's awesome. :)

hellspark said...

Glad spring it early for you, I just hope that doesn't mean summer will be unbearably hot in the more southern states.

By coincidence, my dh and I watched both The Illusionist and The Prestige recently, as well. Loved the former, hated the later. Mind you it wasn't that The Prestige wasn't done well, it was and fine acting by both Jackman and Bale. BUT I don't like revenge stories. Completely pointless, to my mind. After watching it, I was left with a feeling a of emptiness and disappointment, and the stupidity of it all.

I don't know maybe it's just me.