Friday, March 02, 2007


FTD update: They still suck. But after 3 10-minute+ calls, they at least gave us our money back. Good thing, as when I got home yesterday all the flowers were completely dead. The left is a photo of the bouquet he tried to buy for me. Somebody suggested I just print it out and put it on the wall. :)

This morning I got to hear the governor of Montana speak on energy resources for an hour...dayamn the man is a good public speaker, and very smart and capable. Watch out presidency in a couple of years.

Ya know, I was thinking this morning that this blog's been on the boring side lately. Sorry about that, if so. I've been having some inner journeys {g} and haven't been very social as a result, even online. We'll see if I can be a bit more open as we go along here.

In other news, I just received a photo from Linda, from B&N in Reston, Virginia:

Reminder: Y'all have until Tuesday (noon my time) to send me a picture, to enter for the cool zodiac pendant grand prize. Send 'em in!


Stephanie said...

Well....I didn't have a camera with me....but I bought the book!! Does that count??

Just kidding. From your recommendations, I thought it looked good. I'm excited to read it!

Susan Adrian said...


Well, I'm thrilled you bought the book--that's more important than taking a picture. {s}