Monday, March 05, 2007

Back to reality

Another Scent sighting, from Davis-Kidd in Memphis. Thanks, Erin!

REMINDER: You only have until tomorrow, noon mountain time, to send me your picture and enter the contest. Details here.

We had an excellent weekend. Saturday was Date Night, and hubby and I went to see the movie Music and Lyrics (thumbs-up), to dinner, and then to see a marionette show. Yep, puppets for adults. Seriously, this man was amazing...the marionettes were so very lifelike in their movements, in the exquisite detail of everyday actions. As a writer I would do well to understand human actions as well as he does.

And Sunday we slept in late, then picked up Child and went swimming at the Hot Springs. Ahhhhh, the life.

Must go work now. Perhaps more later, after writing at lunch!


Rose said...


Date night? What, pray tell, is that?

I'm glad you had a nice weekend!


Heather Harper said...

I'm going to post later. I almost gave an elderly woman at Walmart a heart attack when I pulled out m y camera.

She must be on the lam. ;)

Susan Adrian said...


Date Night: night of sanity, when Child stays over at grandma and grandpa's house and parents actually go out and talk to each other.

It's nice. :)

Susan Adrian said...


Glad you managed to sneak in the picture. Probably blew the poor lady's Witness Protection Program, though...