Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm still moving along. Got my poem done, my presentation done. I'm snail-like in my progress on my grad projects, but at least the snail does get there eventually. Crossed 9500 words on Jenna today, so I'll get 10,000 by end of March to meet my goal. Yay.

You know what's funny? It took me the better part of 4 months for me to get 9500 words on Book 2, which is roughly where I stopped. It took me 39 days with Jenna. A better pace by far. {g}

My new working title is "The Weirdest Thing about Jenna", though I'm sure that will change.

And though nobody did ask, I'm going to post a picture of what Jenna looks like, since she's taken over my head. She's just about 3 years older than this picture, but it's a pretty good likeness for a stock photo. {g}


Julie D said...

Congratulations on the great pace! Here's to keeping it up!

Anonymous said...


Hmm... I left a comment yesterday, but it hasn't shown up. Anyway, what I said was, I really like that title. It kicks you-know-what. {g}

Also, great pic -- how wonderful that you could find a stock photo that so closely matches your vision of Jenna.

Keep up the good work!

Linda G

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Julie!! I'm a working on it. :)

Susan Adrian said...

Hey, thanks, Linda! The title fits--for now, at least. And the picture creeped me out when I saw it, because it's such a good image for what was in my mind.

Carol said...

Hi Susan,
I had a similar experience. I had the tv on mute while writing and decided to flip through the channels. I almost dropped my laptop when I saw my mc in a business suit staring back at me. I had never seen this actor before, but there he was. I turned the sound on to hear his voice. He even had an English accent. Creepy. I peek back at him from time to time, comparing him to my mc, seeing if there are any new characteristics or traits I can use. Why make it difficult, right?

Susan Adrian said...


That's cool!

And did you notice that your Yahoo avatar looks eerily (eerily, I say!) like mine? {g}