Monday, November 24, 2008

Back on the horse

Last week's challenges really helped me get back in the groove, and remember the Prime Rule:

Writing begets writing. When you work, the ideas come.

So the new challenge is: 2500 words.

No, not today. This week. Still got all that pesky Other Stuff, and Thanksgiving undercuts 2 days of writing time, so I'm being slightly easier on myself than other weeks.

But I will get back on it, and I will keep my steady writing pace. I was inspired yesterday by a fabulous, lyrical post by Toni McGee Causey: comfort reading

I like to think that I'm writing for the girl alone in her room, worn out from a day of battling the nasties at school: the kids who are evil just because they can be, the teacher who's coming down hard on her because he wants to help, but doesn't understand that she can't take a single extra bit of pressure right now. Not with her parents fighting in the next room, thinking she can't hear them because there's a wall. Or past caring. It looks like the plant's going to close, she knows that. Everybody in town knows that. And there's nothing else in this town for her parents to do, if they both get laid off at once. Now Mom's crying. They'll lose the house, she says. They'll lose everything. And then what will we do?

And she doesn't want to hear it anymore, think about it anymore. If she thinks about it all at once she might lose it, hard, and she can't let herself do that.

So she picks up a book, concentrates on the words on the page, and thinks about something else for a while. Gets to go somewhere else.

I want to give her someplace to go.


Janet Reid said...

and you have.

Rose said...


You so rock. {s}

P.S. Hi Janet! {waving}

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Rosie. And Janet: {beam}