Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Next challenge

So all of us made it yesterday, and many overshot. Woot for us! I ended up with 530 new words for the day. (Thank you guys SO much for participating with this! It's just what I needed!!)

Now. *Demon Physical Therapist Face* Obviously that was WAY too easy. Let's double it.

400 new words on your WIP. Come back here and post when you've done it. Ready? GO!


Linder said...

I'm in!

Back later to report.

Susan Adrian said...


That was harder than I wanted it to be! But I did it, got to the end of Chapter 1, almost 500 words.

Tomorrow I get to figure out what the heck happens in Chapter 2. :)

Anybody else get it done yet? Probably most of you, right? {g}

Linder said...

I made it to 570. Might squeeze out a few more, but I'm not counting on it -- I think my brain is shutting down.

Still, more than I thought I'd get done today, and now I have a nice gunshot wound to play with tomorrow. {g}

Susan Adrian said...

Yay Linder! I love that you have a gunshot wound now. :)

Are we the only ones doing this today? Anyone else?

DA said...

831. Whahoo!


Brenda said...

Over 900. I'm thrilled. I also passed the 10,000 mark on the WIP.

Susan Adrian said...

Deb and Brenda: WOO-HOOO! Yay for you!

You should be able to make tomorrow's challenge easily. :)

Hélène Boudreau said...

Damn near killed me, but I got 900 words in, it's midnight, peace out!

Great job, everyone!

Gary Corby said...

Done. 1,000 on WIP. 1,600 if you add in my blog article. Plus time editing some existing important paras at a rate of about 20 words an hour.

This is a bit of a cheat for me, because I'm officially in writing-frenzy mode at the moment (hear that, Janet?). So my tallies shouldn't count, or be tripled, or something.

I'm hugely impressed by all the good people here not in pure writing mode and hitting the high hundreds anyway.

If you continue doubling then this time next week the target will be 51,200 words.

Susan Adrian said...

Helene: Excellent job!Shiny gold star for you!!

Gary: Heh. I'll make the disclaimer today, but I'm just working up to my normal pace of about 800 a day. For non-frenzy times, that works for me. Keep up that writing frenzy as long as you need to!