Monday, November 03, 2008

Hiring Obama

Maureen Johnson is made of awesome.

Her post on YA for Obama about how McCain/Palin would run a Starbucks, vs. how Obama would:

Edited to add:

I kept reading. Libba Bray's is pretty amazing too.


Loretta Ross said...

LOL! Thanks for posting that. It was hilarious! Going to go read the other one now. :)

Loretta Ross said...

And that was awesome too! She made me cry (but in a good way). I'm going to be working the phones tomorrow. For me that's kind of a big deal, because I'm sorta phobic about calling strangers (or friends or family members or automated answering systems or . . . .) But, gotta do our best to turn Missouri blue!

I'll be thinking blue thoughts towards Montana too! :)