Friday, November 21, 2008


We had a brief but whopper snowstorm last night. Hubby peeked out the curtains last night at the snow whipping sideways and said "You think Pa can make it back in this?"*

So today we dragged out the snow shovel, the snow boots, the snow pants. I'm okay with that--it IS late November in Montana. Though we really do need to put the snow tires on the car.

Anyway, if you've been following along, we've been having quite the challenge week, trying to get me and anyone else who felt like joining in back up to a decent writing pace from...well, in my case, nothing. 200, 400, 600. Today is 800 new words, and I'm feeling I can do it.

Can you?

*Yes, obscure Little House reference.


Travis Erwin said...

I wrote a nearly 200 word blog post this morning. Does that count?

Susan Adrian said...

Travis: I dunno. Does it count to YOU? :) (and is it the Parenthood conclusion? off to look...)

Linder said...

I'm there with you all the way! (Gee, if we're not careful this could become habit forming.)

Kathy said...

Ha. Funny you used that particular Little House reference this morning. My little one and I are reading _By the Banks of Plum Creek_ at bedtime these days, a chapter at a time, and just last night Pa came home - in bad weather, no less - from working in the East.

Susan Adrian said...

YES! Made my goal plus! 862, which puts me over the 3000 mark. And tons of good conflicts to play with! Am pleased with how it's developing!


Kathy: Ha! It is a Totally True Little House reference.

Linder said...

1044 for me today. I'll take it. {g} And I've left myself with a nice new complication to play with tomorrow, if I get the chance.

Susan Adrian said...

WAHOO LINDER!! High-five!

Hélène Boudreau said...

800 words in. And more tobboganing. :-)

Happy to hear the words are flowing your way, too!

Gary Corby said...

Made at least the 800, maybe more. It's hard to judge because I've been editing out rubbish and replacing with not-rubbish. But I know there's at least 800 new words in there.

After hours of work, the wordcount on the ms has not moved one iota. 11,500.

Congrats to everyone! You're all chugging along.