Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday linkage

And with all that time on my hands, I've clicked on some links that I absolutely LOVED.

First, an interview with Michael Crichton and his editor, Bob Gottlieb, on the editing process of The Andromeda Strain, courtesy of Sarah Weinman. Priceless.

For fun, a wonderful and wonderfully weird video of a cappella singing (a group named Moosebutter) to John William's music, about Star Wars. Yes. I mean it. It's fabulous.

Last, Sharpie Art. Because why not, really.



A Novel Woman said...

Hah, you did post it today!

My daughter sent it to me via Facebook so it's going viral. And I love the Sharpie Art. Youngest has doodles all over her bedroom wall.


courtney said...

Ooh! I love the Michael Crichton interview with his editor. That was awesome. I'm still bummed about his death. :(