Monday, November 17, 2008



Hermiting is done for now. I think. I'm writing SSP (and it is FUN to start a new book and play!), I'm at work for a full normal week (last week was too weird and disjointed), and I get to go out to dinner with hubby tonight. And we had a lovely weekend.

Plus...I'm just tired of listening to my own voice in my own head. It gets a bit monotonous. So in an effort to mix it up a little, I'm declaring it Recommendation Monday.

Idea: for those two people still reading this blog, post with a recommendation for something you love. Anything. Book, movie, food, hobby, computer game, music, art, blog, whatever. The idea is to share the stuff you love with other people, so we can all discover something new today.

My recommendations for today:

Book: WAKE, by Lisa McMann. I'm not done yet, but I'm enjoying!

Movie: CASHBACK. Again, haven't quite finished; we were watching last night. But I love it!! Quirky and original.

Recipe: Honey Mint Glazed Chicken. Made again last night, and it's sooo moist and flavorful and yummy. And easy! I don't have a grill, so I broil it.

Most Excellent Funny Blog Post: Courtney Summers guest-blogging on The Swivet about YA "rules" or not-rules.

Web Programs to Make Your Life Easier and More Fun: Google Reader. Statcounter (if you have a blog). Pandora.

Your turn!! Please share at least one thing you recommend!!


Janet Reid said...

I love New York.
I was out of the city over the weekend, and coming back on the train from Boston, we glide into the city from the east. The skyline is full of light, the streets below are full of life.


PS I also love Jenna.

Susan Adrian said...


You do know how to make me grin foolishly. :)


NBB said...

I love that - now that it's getting dark early again - people put all kinds of lights in their windows and when you walk the dark street it feels like magic.

Julie said...

Am obsessed with refried black beans - E. makes them from scratch. It's two cans of black beans, a quarter of an onion, minced, two cloves of garlic, minced, fry it all up together and whizz with a blender - yum!

Oh, and am recommending the latest by Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers. My review will be in the book review section of the local rag next week...

Susan Adrian said...

nbb: Ah, lovely. Thanks for that. :)

Well, hello, Julie! {g} Your refried black beans sound awesome!

Joanne Levy said...

I love that my 65 year old mother didn't bat an eye when I asked her for DanceDanceRevolution (Wii) for this year's birthday gift.

I love DanceDanceRevolution.

I love that my eternal optimism is renewed somehow on an almost daily basis.

I love Montfort Restaurant (if you're coming to Canada, drop me a line and I'll give you directions) and that I'm going there tonight for dinner AND it is going to be paid for by my friend (belated birthday dinner).

I recently discovered Bird By Bird and LOVE it. Will read it again shortly.

Saw Rocknrolla this weekend, pretty much loved that, too.

Travis Erwin said...

Sailor Jerry's rum.

Janet Reid said...

I want pictures of Joanne doing DanceDanceRevolution!

wv: wordsxx (no kidding!)

Susan Adrian said...


I have not tried DanceDanceRevolution...but I think I would love it.

I also love that your optimism is renewed. Yay!

Travis: Noted! I do like rum, mixed...

Janet: I know! Me too!

courtney said...

Your shoutout, it make me warm and fuzzy inside like I am wearing an old navy sweater. Thank you!

I RECOMMEND The new Watchmen trailer:

I LOVE IT. I couldn't really get into the Graphic Novel (I feel so bad) but this trailer just makes me go 'eee!' and the music is so awesome and fits it perfectly (it's Muse's Take a Bow). This trailer makes me realize I have no gotten excited about a movie trailer in a long time. Wait. That is a lie. I freaked over Twilight's. But that was different.

Gary Corby said...

Activity: Writing. If only it weren't so hard. Also playing guitar.

Books: Just way too many...where do I start?

Games: Chess. Also family board games from Germany.

Food: Caramello, chocolate muffins, cashews, coke. (You can tell my diet is top notch!).

Online: The sense of community with all my friends in distant parts.

Joanne Levy said...

I just posted a pic on twitter.

HeatherMarie said...

My new favorite tea is Tradewinds Sweet Tea. So good! Whenever I'm craving something sweet, it's the perfect fix.

My current YA recommendation is Lament by Maggie Stiefvater. Love it!

I also recommend the new (2005) Dr. Who series. The originals are well before my time (though I do plan on catching those too), but I'm totally loving the newer series.

Susan Adrian said...

Courtney: You're welcome for the old navy sweater. btw, is that an Old Navy sweater, or an old, navy sweater? ;-) And I did like the Watchmen trailer (thx), though I also didn't read Watchmen!

Gary: I like your list. Esp. the chocolate and the online friends.

Joanne: Hahahahaha!

Heathermarie: I love tea. It is either my British ancestry, or...well, the fact that it's caffeinated and hot. RE Lament, I plan to read it! It's on my buy list!