Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Character Dance: Who Leads?

Because I'm a feedback whore, I'm going to try to get a mini-discussion going. Here's a poll that only writers would understand. How do you and your characters interact? Take the poll and tell me how YOU do it. I'll come back later and post my approach.

How do you interact with your characters?
I'm in charge, baby. They do what I tell 'em.
I give them the structure, the plot, and they act within that. No major tangents allowed.
I give them the basic idea and see what they do with it. Then I change as needed.
I give them the basic idea, and let them do whatever they want.
They tell me what to do. I just follow them around and write it down.
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Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Hmmm...did I just screw up and post twice? Maybe not.

Anyway, great poll. I fall firmly in the middle. {g} Great blog, too--the name of it is perfect for you, and I love the medieval word of the day. {s}

--KWC Linda

Susan Adrian said...

Thank you, Linda!!! I'm thrilled to see you here! {huge s}