Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am readying to add a cool new scene to TMT, introducing the Duchess of York. Now that I know the Duchess, AKA Isabel of Castile, is going to be one of my MC for Book 2, I want to bring her in--after all, she's already there in the same castle as Katherine. But I also have to be aware of how critical her characterization is. What I do here I'm going to have to stick to, at least to some degree, in the next book.

I am so pleased that Isabel was such a fascinating person, though. That makes it a great deal easier. Here are a few tidbits I know about her, going into this scene:

  • She is very small (4'8"), dark, and has "strange, forked teeth".
  • Her father was the King of Castile, Pedro "the Cruel", known for being crazy and torturing people, among other things. Her mother was his mistress, not his queen.
  • Her father was killed by his own brother in a battle for the crown of Castile.
  • She loves luxuries and rich things, and has lots of expensive jewelry.
  • She is 32, and currently 9 months pregnant with the child of her lover, the Duke of Exeter. (okay, I made up the pregnant part, but the lover part is supposedly historically true)
  • Her sister is married to John of Gaunt; her nephew by marriage is the King of England.
  • She's got personality. I can tell just from the research--she is scratching at me to tell her story. Yay!
So, back to work now. Y'all will get to meet Isabel later!

Medieval Word of the Day: leind: a hiding-place, refuge.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, she does sound fascinating. Can't wait to read what you do with her.

But..."strange, forked teeth"? What do you suppose that means? It's putting a very odd picture in my head. [g]


Susan Adrian said...


LOL. I'm not sure. I'm thinking her two front teeth are pointy, and somewhat leaning toward each other. But I haven't tried to write her yet, so I haven't tried to picture it too closely...


Julie K said...


Awesome news on the new character! Sounds like she's going to be quite the woman!

Julie K

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Julie! I think she was quite the woman. We'll see if she talks to me!


Anonymous said...


What a meaty character! I can't wait to see what you do once you sink your teeth in.

--Rose, obviously hungry

Susan Adrian said...


Stop! You're making me hungry too! (off to cook dinner)