Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rocky Mountain High

Well, don't I rock.

Sorry, but I'm just coming off my hour of "new" writing, and I'm feeling cocky. I often feel that way just after writing new material. It's a high, especially when you know that something really works. Not necessarily the precise words; I'm sure it will need cleaning up, checking for anachronisms, more detailing, all that stuff. But it worked with the plot--it made some later scenes really make sense in terms of character justification (yay), it has all sorts of layers of motives for different characters, and I even fit in a nice reference to a current historical character and his circumstances without horrible info dump. All this with a nice direct conflict between the two main males, which previously didn't happen until the {cough} knife fight. And the last word of the chapter is "whore".

Yay yay yay. I just was dragged back to work, and I must get something done, but I am so pleased with myself.

Medieval Word of the Day: brigue: strife, quarrel, contention.

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